Is Polestar Letting Off Volleys At AMG & BMW’s M Lines With The Volvo Polestar 1? Tesla Better Strap Up

Just like Mercedes’ AMG line and BMW’s M badge, Polestar is a performance brand that has teamed up with Volvo since 1996 to produce their high performance vehicles, but this time around they’re doing their own thing. However, they do plan on sharing some of their projects with Volvo as seen in the new iteration of the Polestar 1.
– Engine: hybrid 4-cylinder (accountable for 382 hp E-drive) engine coupled with a pair of electric motors (makes up an additional 218 hp) when paired together produces 600 horsepower and a retarded 737 lb-ft of torque.
– Although it doesn’t have any official price tag yet, you can expect to be in the 90k+ arena. Manufacturing will begin around the middle of 2019 so have patience.

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