Why source Boyce MotorSports for your next car lease/finance experience?

Driving and owning a vehicle gives anyone a sense of freedom because of its convenience factors. BMS is an all around concierge automotive consulting and sales service. You can now avoid the unwanted pressure and frustrating experience of visiting a dealership.

I’m willing to take the extra step of visiting you in the comfort of your home to go over all the necessary detail in order to work out the right deal for you. Your credit status doesn’t matter. Nearly anyone can own a vehicle. When it comes to buying a vehicle you want to know that your financial future is considered. You also prefer that experience to be with someone honest that you can trust and rely on with integrity.

  • I work for the convenience of my clients by covering all necessary legwork to save you precious time on everything. Everyone’s financial situation differs for various reasons and everyone isn’t in search of a vehicle for the same purpose. Avoid the loss of time and all the additional fees, add-ons, and run around you’ll get at the dealership and let me do the negotiating process to save for you.

Make the proper choice by moving forward with Boyce Motorsports!

  • New
  • Pre-owned
  • Financing
  • Leasing
  • Basic Economy vehicles
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Exotic Sports cars

How the process works? 

1> You contact me.

2> We discuss the car of your choice (make, model, year, color, interior/ additional features).

3> *We discuss your financial situation

4> I go to the dealership(s) for you to source and negotiate for the vehicle you want on your behalf.

5> I get back to you within 24-48 hours with my negotiated/ best price point

6> You agree. You sign the necessary the paperwork. I then deliver your new toy all while tons of money has been saved in your pocket!




* Step #3 enables me to be better prepared and forecast the type of deal or interest rate you’ll be placed at with the banks. The interest rate you get depends on your credit score and history.